About Wish


Wish has spun off her artistry into corporate and startup businesses. She has a balance of cutting-edge ideas, mixing creativity with emerging technology plus a dose of strategy, product development, marketing and business operations. Her eyes are focused on spinning a new idea or business from zero to hero. She can raise high-performing teams in technology and beyond. She is an active networker, connecting everyone around her to spark ideas and opportunities. She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia and was formerly based in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Manila.

THE LIGHTER SIDE, first person:

I am a love and life coach, and a so-called baby (and cat) whisperer. I also am a trained cook, from my stint as a line cook under a 1-starred Michelin chef in Tuscany, Italy. I am also an avid farmer of an olive orchard in New Zealand and have been an artisanal olive oil producer in the past 7 years. Owner of 2 cats who adopted me, and an active supporter of animal rights and rescue. Sesquipedalian. Travel-freak. Poetess who is currently finishing her first-ever poetry book to be released soon.


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