Welcome to Your Journey.

I was looking through my notes of ideas and looking for inspiration to make sense of what I would like to write today.

My friend, Karla, once said to me a year ago: “Welcome to your new journey!” during my wedding day. That celebratory life greeting is blithesome yet dreadful in a way you’d think deeply about it.

I am a life traveller. A brave rocket jet setter — always jetlagged yet restless and curious. For there is still something to decipher with life and its happenstance. So a new journey? Yes, there is always something new, and all I can do is go along with it.

I am waxing poetic on sentimentality recently. Unboxing my things from storage in Singapore for a few years into our new home in Melbourne, I unearthed many memories of the past. I never really look closely at them in the past decade or so because I knew that I’d bleed a healed scar again, either from happy or sad representations of my life. But this time, I am ready.

I had read my journal back in 1993-1994 when I was in high school and my entry to the teenage dirtbag phase. Damn. That girl got a lot on her hands then, and she is nevertheless me. It is comforting to know and tell that 13-year-old girl that she is yet learning, but she will never get over being a night person! She’s in control of her own thoughts and feelings then, and she still does now.

It just goes to show that we are who we are. The changes in ourselves are not entirely erasing who we were, but we evolve. It boils down to choices we make every day, most especially what joy, hurt or baggage we take along our lives. When do we lose them? When do we instil them? When do we find them back? They are ourselves who wheel these with us along as we age. So if we don’t really like ourselves or what we’re becoming, who would ever?

Every phase we will go through is another journey: every birthday, every trip to the supermarket, every breakdown, every new pair of shoes, every friendship. They should be mindfully embraced as far as we’re still breathing. So, pack or unpack your life suitcases and travel away!

ABOUT MY [incoming] POETRY BOOK – I’m so close to finalising the last elements of the book design and proofreading. It will go to the publishing platform in the next 2 weeks. I will tell you the book title by then as well.

This spesh project is a pivot to my tech career. Do I have a clear path as an indie author? No. But I am surely going for it. I like wild rides anyway.

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