2020: Reemergence in a Nutshell

And just like that, the unbelievably anomalous year 2020 is ending.

I do not know about you, but I cannot believe that this year flew by in haste. I think that my mind is still stuck in March somewhat. Although I have accomplished and developed myself so much this year, I will bank it on those reasons than what was grotesque, iniquitous and funereal this year.

This year’s reflection theme, in my observation, is called REEMERGENCE.

We have seen much of our societal norms challenged and defended; highlighted and rendered as either too weak or too out-of-tune, or plainly broken from the wretched people governing, tolerating, or abusing who they have and what they believe in. The polarisation of thoughts seeped through the feelings of the fighters of truth and justice.

All of us were thrown off by everything we knew and took for granted. We practised our brains to think for our fight or flight mechanisms. Our comfort zones escaped us and sent us out to freeze in the cold embrace of reality. Most of us see an opportunity to grow differently than what we have expected for ourselves to conceive; we toiled a new path in forms of hobbies and slowing down to breathe, or regain the activities we forgot we used to love, to discover that we still love them. We embraced our loved ones tightly while weeding out who and what is bad for us.

The phrase “… and then life happens” is one of the most common excuse to make ourselves feel good for not fully committing to some passion or some ambition we did not pursue. That phrase turned us around because after all, life happened to all of us together this year.

We were all but seeds coming into this year. We were sown in the drought, shocked by an arid soil, while desperately praying for the rain to come. Then the rain came too hard, it flooded the parched land. Some of the dry seeds drowned and got washed away; the rest held on to the soil. Then the sun came out and the seeds sprouted, surfaced.

We are now sprouting. How are we supposed to grow into a big tree next?


My first-ever book “A Fraction of Momentary Love: Poems” is available for preorder. I need your support. This is my reemergence. For more information, visit: https://linktr.ee/wishblizz

With that, I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, regardless. Virtual hugs and kisses.


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