Newbies Guide to the (Author) Galaxy pt 2

I was perusing my Twitter within the #writingcommunity, which has always been interesting. This is an amazing resource to get support and know that your journey is unique but relatable to a certain group of people. An author tweeted if she's the only one who is getting zero support from family and friends. I was… Continue reading Newbies Guide to the (Author) Galaxy pt 2


Newbie’s Guide to the (Publishing) Galaxy pt1

I'm in a different dimension listening to this song "Young Dumb & Broke" by Khalid while writing this blog. The vibe is real. In many ways, being young, dumb and broke taught me so much about humility, resilience and inexorability, until at present. Every new challenge, every single unique experience need these characteristics. It is… Continue reading Newbie’s Guide to the (Publishing) Galaxy pt1

2020: Reemergence in a Nutshell

And just like that, the unbelievably anomalous year 2020 is ending. I do not know about you, but I cannot believe that this year flew by in haste. I think that my mind is still stuck in March somewhat. Although I have accomplished and developed myself so much this year, I will bank it on… Continue reading 2020: Reemergence in a Nutshell

Hello, Time, My Friend.

Things are moving so fast, regardless of the pandemic this year. Time is a funny resource of exponential changes in emotions. It brings out all the best and worst of our conquest and trepidation. When you want it to slow down, it seems to vamoose from you so fast; you pant to catch up with… Continue reading Hello, Time, My Friend.

Welcome to Your Journey.

I was looking through my notes of ideas and looking for inspiration to make sense of what I would like to write today. My friend, Karla, once said to me a year ago: "Welcome to your new journey!" during my wedding day. That celebratory life greeting is blithesome yet dreadful in a way you'd think… Continue reading Welcome to Your Journey.

Everything is a Battlefield.

2020 is, as we all know, is going down in history with a loud bang gusto in lousy reputation of some sorts. I am going through my year, and despite this callous time globally, I am grateful every day that it isn't 2019 any more because that year was majorly painful in my arse. From… Continue reading Everything is a Battlefield.

Tidbits: Working for Mansplainers

I have been mulling on how to go about writing all these valuable career experiences candidly. They were substantial turning points, testing times and reflections of how I have grown as an individual in the workplace. I gave it time, thinking that this has to be written when I am on top of my mental… Continue reading Tidbits: Working for Mansplainers

The Risky Path of Doing the Right Thing.

It is mind-blowing for me to keep on reflecting on values and ethics and how it is being challenged in the workplace. We are advertised to do the right things, be ethical, and live the values where we work, but in reality, only the people who can sidestep the right thing are the ones who… Continue reading The Risky Path of Doing the Right Thing.

Bad Bosses.

That title is clickbait. This has been a choir for most to talk shit about their bad bosses. I do not give credit to a convulsion of the unworthy pack of shitty people this time around. I would like to focus on the great bosses that I have been ever so grateful and fortunate to… Continue reading Bad Bosses.


I had a five-year gap of not posting anything. In today's form, that is equivalent to a plethora of years beyond just five. Many things happened, and I left the startup scene in 2017 and hopped back to the corporate scene. Looking at the relevance of my posts, they never get old. The spin is… Continue reading Revival.