The Risky Path of Doing the Right Thing.


It is mind-blowing for me to keep on reflecting on values and ethics and how it is being challenged in the workplace.

We are advertised to do the right things, be ethical, and live the values where we work, but in reality, only the people who can sidestep the right thing are the ones who get the seat up there.

So, what now? Do you just suck up and go with the flow – forget your values like truthfulness and be like everyone else to covet a promotion, keep your job, or be in the good graces of a corrupt leader? It is indeed a choice.

I always mention the CHOICE. Because every day, that’s what we do. According to some study, we make 35,000 decisions per day.

Having said that – the choice is always yours. As for myself, I live my life without any regrets because I live up to all the decisions I made. I will always choose to do the right things, regardless of the repercussions of being truthful in the workplace. It is a powerful weapon that can threaten the weak and can strengthen the brave and the ambitious.

It is perilous to always challenge chicanery – because its defence can derail your best of intentions. People will always pull you down, and you have to ask yourself why – as long as your conscience is clear in parallel with you’ve done the best, masterful, honest work you can do. You’re brave enough to force the right thing to do, then you will sleep well at night and go somewhere where your values are respected enough to not even equate that doing the right thing is equivalent to a downfall, but victory and positive acknowledgment.

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